6 things this immunologist does every night to sleep better and boost her immune system

More than two years after the emergence of a pandemic, we’re still struggling with outbreaks of Covid-19 — and that means building and maintaining a strong immune system should be a top priority. As an immunologist and functional medicine doctor, I always remind my patients that while genetics, diet and exercise all play a role … Read more

How to Know If You Have a Fear of Abandonment (and What to Do About It)

photo: panitanphoto (shutterstock) It’s normal to feel a little uneasy or unsure about a new romantic interest or new friend. But if you find yourself overly concerned about being dumped and left behind by others, then you might have a fear of abandonment. “Fear of abandonment is an all-consuming fear that people close to you … Read more

You Can Control Yourself Better

photo: True Touch Lifestyle (shutterstock) Sometimes, we make colossally bad decisions that mess up our lives for a period of time. We stay too long in the wrong job or a toxic relationship. We hang out with the wrong people, or make a risky investment that doesn’t pan out. There are times when our mistakes … Read more

How to Actually Stay Calm During an Argument

photo: madeaw_ec (shutterstock) You can feel it brewing in the seconds leading up to a big argument. You temper flares, you feel flushed, and you’re suddenly ready to say aloud things you know you will never be able to take back. Blow-out fights—and even regular-sized bickering sessions—can irrevocably damage relationships of all kinds. If you … Read more

Psilocybin Therapy Changes Brain Wiring in Depressed People, Study Finds

photo: Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis (Getty Images) New research continues to find evidence that psilocybin—the active ingredient in psychedelic mushrooms—can uniquely help people with depression. The study found that people with psilocybin-assisted depression control group experienced noticeable changes in brain patterns associated with depression, including when compared to a group. People also reported a reduction in their … Read more

A Harvard nutritionist shares the No. 1 food she eats every day to keep her brain ‘sharp and focused’

Eating the right “brain-boosting foods” can significantly decrease your risk of developing neurological problems, improve your mental health, and help you stay sharp and focused. As a nutritional psychiatrist, a big part of my job is advising patients — especially those who want to improve their brain health or are trying to recover from trauma … Read more

This speedy ‘sex thought’ hack uses science to help you focus

One psychologist has shared a handy trick that may help you combat intrusive thoughts. The mental health expert, Dr. Julie Smith, took to TikTok to break down how the mind works when it comes to avoiding certain thoughts. Smith shared her expertise in a 38-second reel that was captioned with several self-help and psychology hashtags. … Read more