‘Distressed’ man suffers amnesia after sex with wife

It was forgettable sex. A 66-year-old Irish man was hit to a hospital with short-term amnesia after an afternoon breakup with his wife. The unusual incident was analyzed in the Irish Medical Journal’s May issue, published Wednesday, with doctors declaring that sex is a trigger for short-term amnesia — officially as known as Transient Global … Read more

New alopecia drug regrows hair in 40% of patients

They’re making gains in the hair-loss industry. Researchers have discovered a drug to potentially solve alopecia, a condition that causes hair loss. United States drug company Concert Pharmaceuticals is trialing a new, twice-daily pill that can combat and reverse rapid hair loss. The study of the drug found that four in 10 participants were able … Read more

Cases of deadly illness in men and boys soar – the 13 signs you must watch for

Cases of deadly illnesses are on the rise in men and boys across England, data has revealed. In the last five years, hospital admissions for people with eating disorders have risen by 84 percent. Medics at the Royal College of Psychiatrists found there were 11,049 more admissions for14 and anorexia- such as bulimia in 2020-2021 … Read more

COVID reinfection rates, antibodies, vaccines: What we know

The new normal is now. In what seemed like an instant, COVID-19 became an inevitable aspect of life everyday more than two years ago — with no signs to suggest that we’ll ever see otherwise again. As we look at our lives ahead with waves of new variants and “stealth” sub-variants, and seasonal vaccine boosters … Read more

How to watch tonight’s rare total ‘blood moon’ lunar eclipse

The blood moon rises tonight — and briefly disappears. May 15 marks this season’s full “flower moon,” historically occurring around the time flowers are in full bloom for spring in North America, according to the Farmer’s Almanac. But this one’s extra special — because it’s also the first of two lunar eclipses in 2022, and … Read more

Scientists Have Powered a Basic Computer With Just Algae For Over 6 Months

In a ghastly vision of a future cut off from sunlight, the machine overloads in the Matrix movie series turned to sleeping human bodies as sources of electricity. If they’d had sunlight, algae would undoubtedly have been the better choice. Engineers from the University of Cambridge in the UK have run a microprocessor for more … Read more

Scientists ‘reverse death’ in astonishing feat by bringing dead eyes back to life

Scientists have “reversed death” by bringing eyes back to life. Eyes taken from organ donors five hours after death responded to light, while electric activity only seen in the living was recorded. The authors said it “raises the question of whether brain death, as it is currently defined, is truly irreversible.” Brain death is when … Read more