NASA’s Delayed Psyche Launch Presents Major Headache for Ride-Along Mission

Artist’s conception of the twin Janus probes. Image: Lockheed Martin A software glitch has caused the delay of Psyche, NASA mission to explore a metal-rich asteroid. Two small probes are being included in the launch, but the postponement means they might not be able to rendezvous with their respective target asteroids. psyche, a probe designed … Read more

The Ingenuity Helicopter Has Vertigo

In the process of setting up the Ingenuity helicopter for its next flight on Mars, NASA engineers found a problem: One of the helicopter’s navigation sensors is not working. The sensor is called the inclinometer, which is actually two accelerometers that are supposed to measure gravity before the helicopter begins its takeoff procedures. That information … Read more

NASA Releases Video Game to Celebrate Upcoming Space Telescope

The sampling of the gameplay.gif: NASA/Gizmodo NASA is drumming up excitement for the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope with a super-retro 8-bit inspired video game, and it’s honestly really fun. In the game, players are Roman Space Telescope operators that have to collect different celestial objects ranging from exoplanets to dark matter. What is the … Read more

Russia Threatens to Hijack German Space Telescope

A view of the eROSITA X-ray telescope prior to final packing in its carbon fiber structure. photo: MEP Russia’s space agency has announced its intention to unilaterally seize control of a German telescope mounted to a Russian-built spacecraft. It’s a terrible, irresponsible idea, as even Russian scientists will admit. The German developer of the eROSITA … Read more

Asteroid Samples Brought to Earth Contain Key Molecules for Life

A canister containing a sample from Ryugu, given to NASA by Japanese space agency NASA/Robert Markowitz Japan’s education ministry says that more than 20 types of amino acids were detected in samples of an asteroid that were brought to Earth in December 2020, The Japan Times reports. The detection is the first evidence that … Read more

Webb Space Telescope’s First Full-Color Images Are Just Weeks Away

long before webb even launched from French Guyana, we’ve been waiting for this moment: the first full-color images from this cutting edge space telescope. NASA announced yesterday that those pictures will be available on July 12, along with some spectroscopic data. “The release of Webb’s first full-color images will offer a unique moment for us … Read more

Super-Absorbent Gel Pulls Fresh Water Out of Thin Air

As the world becomes increasingly hot, fresh and clean water is an increasingly hot commodity. Agricultural demand, climate change, pollution, and other factors are converging to make water scarcity a problem in the present, and it’s likely to get worse in the future. So, how do we manage it? One group of scientists has a … Read more

NASA Satellite to Attempt Laser Communications Speed Record

A tiny gold-coated satellite lifted off from Earth on Wednesday with a rather large goal in mind for NASA: beam down data at the fastest rate ever achieved by space lasers. The space agency’s TeraByte InfraRed Delivery (TBIRD) system launched aboard SpaceX’s Transporter-5 rideshare mission from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida. TBIRD is … Read more

NASA Scientists Made a Martian ‘Soundscape’ Using Audio Recorded by Perseverance Rover

NASA scientists have cut down a year of Perseverance’s audio recordings on the Martian surface to a five-hour playlist of the Red Planet’s best hits (andor can listen to add here). The sounds are eerily quiet and offer a new way of exploring the martian environment. They’ve already helped confirm some theories about the way … Read more

United States Seeks to Land Japanese Astronaut on the Moon

Gateway, illustrated here, will serve as a crucial part of the upcoming Artemis missions. illustration: NASA President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida further solidified their plans to send a Japanese astronaut to the upcoming lunar space station, while also affirming the possibility of having a Japanese astronaut walk on the Moon during … Read more