You Don’t Need ADHD to Use These ADHD Productivity Hacks

photo: NDAB Creativity (shutterstock) Spend a little time on social media and you’ll be sure to come across a post that tries to diagnose you with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). At we’ve covered previouslythe trend of pathologizing every little behavior is a dangerous one, and it should go without saying that ADHD is not simply being … Read more

This Space Rock’s Weird Chemistry Suggests It Came From a Supernova

In 1996, a rock from space was found in southwestern Egypt’s Great Sand Sea. The rock was odd, even by extraterrestrial standards, and a team of researchers studying the rock’s chemistry now propose that it came from a supernova—the brilliant, explosive collapse of a star. The rock is named Hypatia, after a 4th-century Egyptian mathematician. … Read more

How to Know If You Have a Fear of Abandonment (and What to Do About It)

photo: panitanphoto (shutterstock) It’s normal to feel a little uneasy or unsure about a new romantic interest or new friend. But if you find yourself overly concerned about being dumped and left behind by others, then you might have a fear of abandonment. “Fear of abandonment is an all-consuming fear that people close to you … Read more

Plants Can Grow in Lunar Soil—but They Hate It

The plants after 16 days of growth, with clear differences seen between plants grown in simulated lunar soil (left) and plants grown in actual lunar regolith. photo: Tyler Jones, UF/IFAS For the first time ever, scientists have grown plants in lunar soil returned from the Apollo missions. But given the degree of stress seen in … Read more

How to Know If Your Symptoms Are Bad Enough to See an Allergist

photo: Budimir Jevtic (shutterstock) So you’re sneezing and rubbing your eyes this allergy season. Who isn’t? Allergies are common enough that many of us can manage our symptoms with over-the-counter medications and avoidance strategies like spending less time outdoors on days with a high pollen count. But when are allergies bad enough that you should … Read more

How to Stop Yourself From Throwing Up

photo: Odua Images (shutterstock) Ugh, here it comes. You feel kind of hot and sticky. Your stomach churns. Your mouth tastes funny. You know you’re going to throw up—imminently. Can you stop it before it happens? Or at least make it less terrible than it needs to be? Whether you’re battling morning sickness, food poisoning, … Read more

Stop Cleaning Your Ears

photo: regreto (shutterstock) You rarely, if ever, need to remove earwax on your own. Earwax is good! I know this. I really do. And yet—even though I know better—sometimes I cannot resist the urge to use a cotton swab and clean my ears myself. Here’s what to know if you’re like me and occasionally go … Read more

Nintendo Switch Sports Fans Are Accidentally Smashing TVs Again

It’s like we’re back in the 2000s. Cropped cardigans are making a comeback, Biden is still in the White House, and Nintendo dropped a Wii Sports sequel in the form of Switch Sports. The nostalgia is so uncanny that players of Nintendo’s quirky sports simulator are once again flinging controllers from their hands directly into … Read more

For PS5 and Xbox Achievement Hunters, This Game Is Torture

screenshot: Crows Crows Crows / Kotaku 2013 PC indie darling The Stanley Parable released its revised, multiplatform, expanded Ultra Deluxe yesterday’s update, which in itself is a remarkably strange act. This version of the game, which may as well be considered a sequel given how much is new, is a Möbius strip of meta within … Read more

Squabble Lets You Play Two-Player Wordle—or Way More Than That

screenshot: squabble Every time I think we’ve seen the last twist on Wordle, there comes another game that manipulates a variable I didn’t even realize was missing. In this case, the new element is competition. Oh, and speed. in squabbleyou play a Wordle-esque game against others in real time. The setup is the same as … Read more