How to Know If You Have a Fear of Abandonment (and What to Do About It)

photo: panitanphoto (shutterstock) It’s normal to feel a little uneasy or unsure about a new romantic interest or new friend. But if you find yourself overly concerned about being dumped and left behind by others, then you might have a fear of abandonment. “Fear of abandonment is an all-consuming fear that people close to you … Read more

How to Actually Stay Calm During an Argument

photo: madeaw_ec (shutterstock) You can feel it brewing in the seconds leading up to a big argument. You temper flares, you feel flushed, and you’re suddenly ready to say aloud things you know you will never be able to take back. Blow-out fights—and even regular-sized bickering sessions—can irrevocably damage relationships of all kinds. If you … Read more

The Spanish Language May Hold The Key to a Perplexing Health Mystery

In early December 2021, I was seeing a physical therapist for a shoulder injury. During one of my visits, the therapist was alternating between me and another patient on an adjacent bed, who had a knee replacement. While the therapist worked on the other patient’s leg, stretching it and bending the knee, I eavesdropped on … Read more