NFL draft grades – Mel Kiper Jr. picks steals, sleepers and favorite 2022 classes from all 32 teams

This was my 39th year doing the NFL draft for ESPN, and I can’t remember a trading frenzy quite like the one we saw in the middle of Round 1 on Thursday. There were picks and players flying off the board faster than I could wrap my head around which team was on the clock. … Read more

These 21 large-cap stocks have now crashed at least 50%

Stocks soured on April 26, with major declines for broad indexes that underlined what a difficult year it has been, so far, for technology stocks. Below is a list of 21 large-cap stocks that have dropped at least 50% from their 52-week highs. The trading action for the indexes took a turn for the worse … Read more

Unions’ push at Amazon, Apple and Starbucks could be ‘most significant moment in the American labor movement’ in decades

A rising unionization push among hourly-wage workers at some of the most iconic companies of this era could become “the most significant moment in the American labor movement” in decades, labor experts say. Retailers Walmart Inc. WMT, -1.88% and Target Inc. TGT, -2.62% thwarted unionization efforts as they grew into corporate giants in the 1980s … Read more

Bad journalism erodes our faith in institutions — but so does great journalism | Arts & Culture | Spokane | The Pacific Northwest Inlander

click to enlarge Wand journalists love to blame the rise of distrust in experts on dishonest disinformation merchants, on the Alex Joneses and Donald Trumps and Vladimir Putins of the world. But sometimes journalism itself contributes. Yes, obviously, part of that is bad journalism: Every big scoop that turns out to be … Read more