Belgium introduces quarantine for monkeypox cases – POLITICO

Belgium has become the first country to introduce a compulsory 21-day quarantine for monkeypox patients after reporting four cases of the disease in the last week. Belgian health authorities took the decision on Friday, according to Belgian media. Monkeypox contact cases are not required to self-isolate but should remain vigilant particularly if they are in … Read more

Investigators and reporters study purported manifesto after Buffalo shooting spree

An eight-year-old Black girl was at the grocery store with her parents, picking out a birthday cake for her dad, when the shooting started on Saturday. her dad hid with her inside the milk coolers until police arrived. And they were the lucky ones. The gunman was allegedly motivated by his fear about declining White … Read more

Teaching Media Literacy Is the Only Real Answer to Fake News

On April 27, the Department of Homeland Security announced the creation of a Disinformation Governance Board. So far, what we know about the board is that it is a “working group” that seeks to counter disinformation that potentially threatens national security without curtailing free speech. Exactly how the board plans to do that, however, remains … Read more

Judge refuses to drop elections suit against Trump, media

A Colorado judge has denied motions to dismiss a defamation lawsuit filed by an elections system worker against former President Donald Trump’s campaign, two of its lawyers and some conservative media figures byThe Associated Press May 13, 2022, 10:41 PM • 2 min read Share to FacebookShare to TwitterEmail this article NEW YORK — A … Read more

As Serbia climbs press freedom rankings, opposition journalists still fear abuse

The attacks against Serbian journalist Slobodan Georgiev peaked when he uncovered links between President Aleksander Vučić’s brother Andrej Vučić and a notorious businessman from Kosovo in 2019. The video was promptly released on social media describing Georgiev as a ‘foreign mercenary’ and a ‘traitor’ with the soundtrack of the sirens heard across Serbia during the … Read more

WWE looks to boost sponsorship revenue as live events return, media deal expires

Chief Brand Officer and TV Personality of WWE, Stephanie McMahon delivers her keynote address at the opening of Sports Matters in conjunction with All That Matters 2016 in Singapore on September 14, 2016. Roslan Rahman | AFP | Getty Images WWE and industry analysts agree: The pro wrestling and media company can squeeze more revenue … Read more

There Are Tiny Bright Dots All Over The Sun, And We May Finally Know Their Source

Sunspots aren’t the only speckles decorating the dynamic face of our Sun. Solar physicists have made a close study of tiny, fleeting speckles of brightness that emerge and fade in less than a minute on average, in regions where loops of plasma rise from the solar surface. They’re named ‘solar dots’. The fleeting phenomenon, analysis … Read more

Two Mexican journalists killed, taking 2022 death toll to 11 | Freedom of the Press News

Yessenia Mollinedo and Sheila Johana Garcia have been killed, raising the death toll for media workers in Mexico this year to 11, making the country the most dangerous for media workers outside of war zones. The duo were attacked outside a convenience store in the municipality of Cosoleacaque in Veracruz state on Monday, according to … Read more

2 journalists killed in Mexico; 10th and 11th of the year

MEXICO CITY — Just as Mexican journalists prepared to protest the killing of a journalist last week, word came Monday that two more were shot to death in the Gulf coast state of Veracruz, raising to 11 the number of such killings in the country this year . The Veracruz State Prosecutor’s Office said via … Read more