How to Know If You Have a Fear of Abandonment (and What to Do About It)

photo: panitanphoto (shutterstock) It’s normal to feel a little uneasy or unsure about a new romantic interest or new friend. But if you find yourself overly concerned about being dumped and left behind by others, then you might have a fear of abandonment. “Fear of abandonment is an all-consuming fear that people close to you … Read more

Does Sex Position Matter When You’re Trying to Get Pregnant?

photo: comzeal images (shutterstock) If you and your partner ready to start a family, you might be wondering what you can do to increase your chances of getting pregnant sooner rather than later. From taking care of your own health to the timing (and position) of sex, here’s what you need to know as you … Read more

This AI Will Draw Anything You Tell It To

Tech is awesome, but let’s be honest :Sometimes it gets a bit boring. Computers and smartphones change incrementally from year to year, software switches to subscriptions, and innovation, in general, isn’t so common. Every once in a while, though, a new tech development is actually surprising and exciting. That’s how I feel about this new … Read more

These U.S. Cities Are Seeing the Biggest Drops in Home Prices

photo: Paul Brady Photography (shutterstock) It’s not your imagination: Everything is expensive right now—including homes. Not only do potential homebuyers have to deal with rising mortgage interest rates and inflation, but there are also fewer options available at the moment. This means that some people who might have been in a position to buy a … Read more

Squabble Lets You Play Two-Player Wordle—or Way More Than That

screenshot: squabble Every time I think we’ve seen the last twist on Wordle, there comes another game that manipulates a variable I didn’t even realize was missing. In this case, the new element is competition. Oh, and speed. in squabbleyou play a Wordle-esque game against others in real time. The setup is the same as … Read more

Even a Little Exercise Appears to Prevent Depression in New Study

photo: Ollie Millington (Getty Images) Research this month points to a mental health benefit from regularly exercising. The review found that people who reported being physically active were noticeably less likely to later be diagnosed with depression. This association was most apparent in people who appeared to meet the recommended amount of exercise a week, … Read more

12 Best Wordle Alternatives, like Heardle and Nerdle

At this point, Wordle needs no introduction, after taking the internet by storm and then getting picked up for a seven-figure sum by the New York Times. We’re big fans of Wordle, a game that’s both super-simple and super-addictive, but there’s a big world of puzzlers out there that go beyond the familiar 5×6 grid … Read more

Researchers Found Glowing Spider Fossils in the South of France

Fossilized spider from the Aix-en-Provence Formation in France. Overlaid is a fluorescent microscopy image of the same fossil. Image: Olcott et al A team of researchers studying 22.5-million-year-old spider fossils from Aix-en-Provence were taken back when the petrified pests glowed under a fluorescent microscope. The fluorescence was likely due to the circumstances of the fossilization, … Read more

How to See Through Inflation Prices

photo: SERSOL (shutterstock) There are probably certain goods or services that you’ve been purchasing on a regular basis for years, if not decades. And over time, you’ve likely become familiar with how much these things cost, and, in turn, whether something is inexpensive, overpriced, or seems about right. But lately—especially since the annual inflation rate … Read more

Dead Sunspot Explosion Spits Plasma Toward Earth

The Sun just hurled debris from a dead sunspot toward Earth, and the superheated material is supposed to arrive at our planet on Thursday (don’t worry—you won’t feel it). On Monday, an old and dying sunspot dubbed AR2987 exploded, sending a mass ejection of material from the Sun into space, Space Weather reported. That material … Read more