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CMS says video of student attacking classmate could be part of new social media challenge

CHARLOTTE — Parents have started to reach out to Channel 9 concerned about disturbing videos circulating on social media of students beating up their classmates.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools said they are looking into whether that latest fight might be connected to the so-called “dunking challenge” on social media.

One disturbing video shows a student at Southwest Middle School throwing, by our count, 13 punches in three seconds, as another student lies on the floor screaming.

“Even now, I can’t even talk. It’s running through my mind. That baby being beat like that,” a father said, whose eighth grader showed him the video. “He couldn’t defend himself. He probably didn’t know what was going on.”

That father said he wants something done about this.

“Me looking at that, seeing one human hitting a defenseless human like that — it disturbed me,” he said.

CMS told Anchor John Paul that they are aware of the video. They said it’s part of a new challenge called “dunking,” where a person jumps on another persons back and records it.

The district said Friday that two people were involved in the challenge and that police are involved.

One father said he thinks the violence in schools is getting out of hand.

“They don’t care about each other. They don’t care who they hurt mentally, physically, as long as they get want they want. Like you said, that challenge, as long as they get that recognition,” he said.

It’s something Channel 9 has heard from officials across Mecklenburg County in recent months — children vying for social media fame.

“Instill in your kids that violence isn’t the way. It doesn’t solve anything. It makes it worse,” a father said in a message to parents.

CMS said it can’t comment on specific students, but said this will not be tolerated.

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