Check out this AMAZING photo of the sun (from a mere 46.6 million miles away)

The European Space Agency (ESA) has just released a brand new image of the sun taken by the Solar Orbiter. In total, the composite image is made up of 25 photos taken thy the Orbiter’s ultraviolet imager instrument as the spacecraft orbits between the sun and earth.

Space Orbiter was launched in February 2020 and its mission was to get closer to the sun than any spacecraft had done previously. Scientists hope the mission will help answer four important questions. What drives the sun’s 11-year cycle of rising and subsiding magnetic activity? What heats up the upper layer of its atmosphere (known as the corona) to millions of degrees celsius? What drives the generation of solar wind? What accelerates the solar wind to speeds of hundreds of kilometers per second and how does it all affect our planet?

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