Are protein bars good for you?

Are protein bars good for you? They’ve certainly become popular as an easy, go-to snack on the way to or from the gym, and for those days when you don’t have time for a meal. They can even be used as an aid to help weight loss. But are protein bars a healthy snack? Does … Read more

‘I would have paid any price’

In February last year, she performed a radical hysterectomy, which along with the removal of her uterus, included her fallopian tubes, her, part of her vagina a large selection of pelvic lymph nodes. Her lymph nodes were, as it turns out, clear. Such radical surgery meant she did not need chemo or radiotherapy. She now … Read more

Life-threatening inflammation is turning COVID-19 into a chronic disease

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Long COVID continues to be a lingering problem for more and more coronavirus patients in the months following their infection. Now, a new study contends that the life-threatening inflammation many patients experience — causing long-term damage to their health — is turning COVID-19 into a chronic condition. “When someone has a cold … Read more

What To Do After Testing Positive for COVID-19 in Massachusetts – NBC Boston

With COVID-19 cases rising in Massachusetts and most of the state now considered high risk for community transmission, it may be time to revisit quarantine guidance. What should you do if you test positive for COVID-19? The latest virus quarantine guidance, as posted on the Massachusetts Department of Public Health website, is primarily based on … Read more

Heightened dream recall ability linked to increased creativity and functional brain connectivity

People who can frequently recall their dreams tend to be more creative and exhibit increased functional connectivity in a key brain network, according to new research published in the journal Nature and Science of Sleep. The findings provide new insights into the neurophysiological correlates of dreaming. “I think that dreaming is one of the last … Read more