Battle of wills erupts over social media posts

Dear Abby: My adult son has a drug addiction, for which he is receiving treatment. My family and I have just met his daughter, who we had only recently learned about. She’s 6. I had a celebration for her birthday at my house. My mom (the great-grandma) took pictures of her birthday girl and her friends, and posted them on social media. I had asked her before the party started to please not post pictures of the children on social media. She said she does what she wants.

I don’t believe pictures of children under 18 should be posted on social media and, in this case, especially since we just met my granddaughter. She didn’t have permission from the other children’s moms to post. I feel my mother disrespected my house and my rules, and I need to know how to handle future events. Please help.

I was raised to respect my parents, but this is a deal-breaker, and I’m seriously considering not including her in future events involving the children.

Jeanne Phillips

— Deal Breaker in New Mexico

Dear Deal-Breaker: Your mother has made it clear that your wishes and your rules mean nothing to her — she does what she wants. Now it’s time to exercise your own good judgment and do what YOU want. If you feel she might do something that would place the children in harm’s way, by all means exclude her from events involving them.

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