2022 NFL schedule: A look at the six best social media reveals, including Chargers’ epic video

The NFL 2022 schedule has officially dropped. On Thursday, the league announced all 272 games slated for this season (here’s the full schedule), and because it is the NFL, they made it a major television event.

Teams take the schedule release as an opportunity to make a splash on social media. Over the years, many teams have found creative ways to reveal their opponents and times for the season ahead, doing more than just revealing a basic schedule graphic.

add teams really take the schedule release seriously and prepare a very involved video for the day.

Of all 32 teams, some made more of an impact on social media than others. I took a look at all of the schedule reveals and picked some of the best. Take a look:

The Chargers social media team does not miss, and Thursday night was no exception. The team released an Anime video that was creative, engaging and just a ton of fun to watch. They had the graphics, the music and the battles between the teams perfectly executed.

If you are a Patriots fan, you know who Ernie Adams is. He is the iconic, yet mysterious, now retired member of the team. Adams was famously seen in a 2014 NFL Films documentary on the Patriots in front of a white board that just read “pink stripes.” The confusion on what that could mean, which is still unknown, along with Adams’ demeanor made him an instant star in New England.

Most teams have a highly produced video for their schedule release, but there is nothing more on brand for the Pats than having Adams in front of a white board just reading off the games, and for that reason I love this reveal.

I would expect nothing less than a movie-like video from the team based in LA The Rams did a similar video for the NFL Draft and it is smart of the social media team to continue the story for the schedule release.

Grab your popcorn for this one.

What I love about the Bengals’ schedule reveal is with each game shown I feel like I’m hunting for clever details added in the graphic. They used stock photos and Photoshop to create the schedule and the pictures they incorporated from a great job of telling the story of each team they will face this season.

The Falcons may not win many games, but they won social media. This one is like a fun game and the mini figures they used to represent each team were adorable. The video really takes you on a journey through the season.

It’s fun for fans when teams bring back retired legends and when it’s someone like Eli Manning, you know it’s going to be funny. Manning goes through the opponents, slipping in lines like calling himself elite and questioning who the Commanders are.

It’s not overly produced, but it still works so well.

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